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Click for Crash and Survive InfoHow to CRASH an Airplane (and Survive!) 

This book describes in a very positive manner how to minimize the risk of injuries and  fatalities that occur too often in a forced landing of  general aviation aircraft.

This book should be in every pilots library or better yet, their flight bag!

Written by an FAA Accident Investigator and Safety Program Manager.

Click for Life of a Tin Can Sailor Info

The Life of a Tin Can Sailor - WWII

From the diary of Dean E. Findley, this book is a "must read" for all sailors who served on a destroyer or any ship during WWII or any other time. It is a worthy addition to the personal libraries of servicemen, spouses, children, grandchildren, and historians.

It represents a significant time in history - as it was taking place - and gives an important insight for every reader into what these brave men went through.


How to CRASH an Airplane

(and Survive!)TM  


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