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Book coverA book with a comprehensive, positive approach on: "How to SURVIVE an Airplane CRASHTM" while minimizing the risk of injuries or fatalities that occur all too often in an emergency landing in general aviation aircraft.

Over a recent five year period, there were 8,634 general aviation accidents with 21 percent resulting in fatal accidents.

Accidents during that time period decreased 1.2 percent, but severe injuries and fatalities have failed to decrease at the same ratio. In effect then, we are having fewer accidents, but killing and injuring more people!

Main topics of the book include:

  • Three types of emergency landings (which one should we choose?)
  • Psychological hazards associated with an emergency landing (the worst mistake we make is in NOT accepting the fact that this is really happening to us!)
  • Our desire to save the aircraft  (protect the cabin area only - sell everything else to a recycling center for beer cans!)
  • Basic crash safety concepts (how do we keep the cabin area intact?)
  • Pilot techniques (how to improve the survivability of an emergency landing.)
  • Evaluating (the "best" of the worst possible terrain available to us.)
  • Ditching (is that really safer than landing in trees?)
  • Forested areas  (have you heard  you are supposed to fly the airplane between two trees and shear the wings off to help slow the airplane down? Learn why that will kill you!)
  • Stress (some 'stressors' prevent accidents while other 'stressors' cause accidents. Can you recognize which is which?)
  • Survival and rescue (why bother to survive the accident if you don't know how to survive the elements!)
  • Notes and important stuff! (aircraft configurations, approaches, engine failure on takeoff, landing on snow or water, and, are you aware your body can withstand 200g's with proper restraints?)

This book was three years in the making with assistance from:

  • Aircraft Manufacturers
  • Civil Aeromedical Institute (CAMI)
  • Colorado Wing of the Civil Air Patrol
  • FAA Aircraft Certification (small airplanes)
  • FAA Statistics Operation System Branch
  • National Transportation Safety Board
  • Psychiatric Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Transportation Institute of Safety
  • United States Coast Guard

Many experts in various fields were consulted and all contributed valuable input into this book.

How to CRASH an Airplane (and survive!)TM  

is a MUST READ for all pilots and CFIs! 

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