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After a successful 11-year run of the book and our live seminars, this DVD has been developed for your viewing pleasure!



This audio CD provides another option for your listening convenience. The narrative from  the DVD has been modified in order to clearly convey the material

The following are but a  few of the topics of interest:  Statistical comparison of Forced Landings, Precautionary Landings, and Ditching...which is the safest?  Ditching has the highest fatality rate of these; find out why.  FAA required “G” forces that the manufacturers must comply with and how we can capitalize on those.  Psychological mind games that can be at play when the engine(s) quits.  Some choice landing sites we should consider (besides an airport).  What can we crash into that is going to bend and give and break before the airplane and our bodies have to?  Which trees are friendly trees and which are unfriendly trees to our airplane and to us.

See and hear the answers to these questions and learn many, many, more ways to

Crash an Airplane (and survive!)” TM

The DVD was developed in response to feedback from our seminars and is based on the PowerPoint presentation, which contains the primary topics of the book.  Many attendees told us “there is way too much information to digest here;  I want a copy of your seminar to take home so I can study it further at my leisure.” 

This is a great addition to the book by adding a visual presentation. 

This DVD has been formatted to

play best on your TV.


(with this media, we are without benefit of any visual aids).  We’ve produced the audio CD primarily for you folks who are  always “on the go”  and enjoy listening to educational programs while driving, or who just happen to like CDs!






Notice:  These disks are  DVD-R and CD-R.  They may not play on older, non-compliant DVD/CD players or computers.  This is the fault of the player and NOT the disks.  These disks have been tested and verified for functionality and playback.


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